Lotus Capital Management

New York City Hedge Fund

Lotus capital management

Lotus Capital is a hedge fund focusing on helping individuals with their financial and retirement goals.


The plan is to create a brand that’s simple and expressing the cultural background of the founder as well as promote confidence in their clients.


Brand Identity

Lotus Capital had an idea of what they wanted for their logo which was abstract. With a very ambiguous meaning I researched different styles of lotus flowers and settled on an open flower which I interpreted into the logo design below.

The Logo


After different explorations of typefaces, with collaboration with Lotus Capital, we landed on a simple typeface that felt conservative and strong without trying too hard. Different font styles were used to create variety.

Branding Materials

Business Cards

The client wanted blue to be the standard color for their brand so a navy blue was chosen with gold foil hot-stamping of the logo.


Business Card and Sleeve